Lemon Basil Simple Salad Dressing

Lemon Basil Simple Salad Dressing

Well, I promised three recipes this week featuring my superstars: lemon and basil, and recipe two is here!  If your Wednesday is anything like mine, your feet haven’t stopped moving since they hit the ground Monday morning! By the time Wednesday rolls around, I am counting down the hours until the weekend.  After experiencing the “dreaded Wednesday crash” more times than I can count, I got smart and decided to make Wednesdays my rest and play days!  After Monday and Tuesday’s fill of picking up our weekend messes, scrubbing toilets (we only have one at the moment…which is a nice break), mopping floors, doing multiple loads of laundry, running errands, grocery shopping, and meal prep, Wednesday finally rolls in!

Oh sweet, Wednesday…oh, how I love thee! The kids and I usually sleep in a bit, sometimes Analyn Joy and I will read stories in bed, or she will request a story told by yours truly.  “Mommy, will you tell me my birth story?! Pleeeeease!”  My heart melts every time I get to tell my sweet, three-year-old about one of the very best days of my life-the day I met her! She insists on knowing every detail of what we did together that first night she entered the world, what songs I sang her, how long her hair was, how much she weighed, what the sound of her cry was like; even what I ate that night.


I can’t help but think of God’s eyes filling with delight if He were to tell us our birth story! I imagine Him telling us about the day He formed us in our Mother’s womb. Retelling how He carefully crafted us with such perfection and intricate detail. I can only imagine joy exploding from His heart knowing today would be the day we would be born into the world!  My daughter’s attention to the seemingly small things in life has taught me so much about God and His great love for every detail in my life! How often have I glanced at the sun-setting sky and quickly acknowledged, it as beautiful; yet, not taken the time to really notice: the various formations of the clouds, the contrasting colors complimenting each other, the light bursting forth from the sun, shadows casting down below, birds soaring overhead, the moon peeking out, and the spectacular reflection on the water beneath.  It is the details that makes something truly beautiful. My three-year-old taught me this. My three-year-old always notices the sky. I need to stop. I need to be reminded. I want to see the sky…the details…the true beauty.


On our Wednesday afternoons, I like to plan a fun activity, outing, or play date with friends.  We usually go to the beach, a park, or a friend’s house.  When we come back from our outing, we make a healthy lunch to enjoy.  As long as I can remember, I’ve always valued health. Yet, loving my body well has morphed and changed with the different seasons of my life. As a mama of two youngins, I need healthy and convenient to go hand-in-hand sometimes. Sadly, on the shelves of most supermarkets, that rarely exists.  Lunch time is the worst culprit for me to slack when it comes to making healthy food options for myself. So I have been trying to make a giant spinach salad at the beginning of the week; filled with lots of raw veggies, fruit, seeds, nuts, beans, baked, or grilled chicken breast (and occasionally some goat cheese-my all time favorite). I keep it in the fridge with my simple homemade lemon basil salad dressing. When I’m scrambling between getting lunch together for two hungry children, catching food that Benjamin David is throwing all over the room, cleaning sticky finger and messy trays, and tucking in two tikes for nap time…I know I have a delicious lunch to hunker down with! Just me and my delicious bowl of salad sitting together, enjoying each other…it’s a sad picture I know…but it’s true. Any mama knows, getting to eat a meal uninterrupted is like a lunar eclipse-it happens rarely-but when it does, it is a beautiful thing! Amen!


Anytime I recognize that I’m getting “bored” with healthy eating and I’m getting more tempted to eat junk; I know it’s time to change it up.  Simple little changes, like making a new salad dressing to liven up your salad, can really make the difference!  I love seasoned, grilled, or baked chicken; so having that ready to go in the fridge makes it easier and that much more desirable to eat. My challenge to you, spice up those salads! Try something new, or go back to your favorites that you’ve gotten away from making. There are so many yummy dressings out there, but sometimes, I just want to taste my greens.  That’s why this summer, this dressing has been my by go to. It’s light, refreshing, and zesty! Try it!

Lemon Basil Simple Salad Dressing


1/4 cup lemon juice (about 2 medium lemons)

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

5-10 fresh basil leaves, chopped (I love basil so I use ten!)

sea salt to taste

fresh ground pepper to taste


Combine everything together in a mason jar, place lid on, and shake thoroughly before spooning onto salad

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