The Day Has Finally Come!


Hi there! Meet my family: this is my husband, David Marcus, attempting to eat my son, Benjamin David; me, Grace Elizabeth, overcompensating for my non-smiling daughter, Analyn Joy. I thought of uploading a cute family photo, but let’s be real, we are a little bit crazy around here! Ha!

So, for years I have tossed around the idea of starting a blog! I have always been an avid journaler (not sure that’s even a word) and writing has always helped me process life. The timing feels right and my blog has finally been born!Sharing from what’s cookin’ in my kitchen, to new healthy things I’m trying; like kombucha, fermenting, blending, and canning. We just bought a “fixer upper” house and I plan to share our renovation before and afters! Some other things I may showcase are: what I’m currently doing for at home workouts, adventurous dates on a dime, amazing thrift store finds, raising our duck: Iver Divers, raising children, homeschooling, mommy and me ventures, learning to garden, my deep thoughts, and the hilarious things my three year old daughter is saying these days!

Can’t wait to embark on this adventure with you! So, take off your shoes, pull up a stool, I’ll pour you a cup of tea, and we’ll share life and recipes!

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