Salsa For Days!


This, my friend, is my kind of day: 50 pounds of tomatoes, 26 onions, 24 jalapenos, 30 green peppers, 72 cloves of garlic and 90 PINTS of homemade salsa!  Last year, I had my first introduction to canning while making 73 pints of salsa with my grandma and mother in law.  I left tired, but I left feeling as though I had found my calling in life! Okay, okay that may be a slight exaggeration.

This year I arrived at my parents at eight o’clock prompt…well, let’s me honest here, I rarely do anything “prompt,” it was really eight fifteen.  I organized the “dream team,” my dad and dear friend Danielle, to help me begin washing, chopping, and mixing all of our ingredients.  Let’s just say this: my dad chopped the most perfectly diced tomatoes I’ve ever seen, while hardly looking up for a solid four hours…no joke! (His years in the restaurant bizz certainly did not go to waste!)

My dear friend probably still smells like garlic from all of the peeling she did.

Despite their “suffering” for the cause, I dare say I had the hardest job of all…it is MY blog after all, I get to write what I want, don’t I?! I chopped (with the help of a food processor ) all 26 onions. Niagara Falls couldn’t compare to the tears I had pouring down my face! Thankfully, my loving Father came to my rescue…with goggles! I will spare you the embarrassing photo!

Once everything was chopped, it was smooth sailing from there! After the first jar was finished we practically blistered our fingers popping the lid off and devouring the contents! I will never go back to store bought salsa EVER!!! My husband eats salsa like we breathe air…needless to say, he was a VERY happy man!


The recipe we used was found by my Grandma and borrowed from this website:

The only thing we changed about the recipe was the amount of jalapeños…one cup was way too much. We did 2 jalapeños, deseeded, per batch  for a mild salsa; and 2 jalapeños with all the seeds for a medium salsa.

Do yourself a favor: go buy some tomatoes and cook up a batch of this goodness! You won’t regret it!

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