Monthly Archives: March 2016

Hi there.  I got invited to a cheese and wine party over the weekend that my sister and friend hosted.  It was a ball! Cheese, chocolate, fruit, bread and wine…heaven…need I say more!  I was like a kid on Christmas when I walked in the door! I really need to […]

Dairy Free-Dark Chocolate Mousse

Happy Friday!  Since we moved into our “fixer upper” house in February we have tried to do some type of project on the house every Saturday. Last Saturday, we got so immersed in our projects I totally forget about eating…something David NEVER forgets about! Ha! Hungry husband and tired children […]

Gluten Free-Lemon Basil Summer Pasta

Lemon Basil Simple Salad Dressing Well, I promised three recipes this week featuring my superstars: lemon and basil, and recipe two is here!  If your Wednesday is anything like mine, your feet haven’t stopped moving since they hit the ground Monday morning! By the time Wednesday rolls around, I am […]

Lemon Basil Simple Salad Dressing

Summer is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited!  I often hear a lot of complaints about Florida summers and the unbearable heat but I simply love summer! I love it all: the heat, cooling off in the pool,  trips to the beach, tan skin, wavy beach hair, longer […]

Blueberry Lemon Basil Popsicles

This, my friend, is my kind of day: 50 pounds of tomatoes, 26 onions, 24 jalapenos, 30 green peppers, 72 cloves of garlic and 90 PINTS of homemade salsa!  Last year, I had my first introduction to canning while making 73 pints of salsa with my grandma and mother in […]

Salsa For Days!